Monday, December 1, 2008

A friend for Dylan

For many years now, guide dogs have been used to assist and protect people with certain disabilities.

These clever companions are highly trained and are most often seen alongside someone who is visually impaired.

But now, several new programs in Canada have begun training assistance dogs for a different purpose.

The 25th Hour's Ryan Hicks explains.

© Ryan Hicks/Carleton School of Journalism and Communication


Debra Carey-Knox said...

thank you for helping show the benefits of a autism service dog. your article has been viewed at CHEO, CAS and is being viewed at Dylans school to help educate kids at the school. I am currently in syracuse and your blog is being viewed by many who meet teddy here. A very wonderful job !!!!!
p.s. Dylan is singing "HOLLYWOOD... my next step is HOLLYWOOD!!!!" thank you for helping him smile

Anonymous said...

Thank You Ryan for putting together this video. The students and staff at Munster Elementary School have certainly learned allot. It has also helped us to understand Teddy's roll in Dylan's life. We have all enjoyed and cherished our work with Dylan over these last 6 years. He's a great kid!!
Darlene Beauchamp
EA Munster ES